Hey! I’m Jae, also known by my first name Victoria, but let’s keep it casual and stick with Jae. I live in Toronto, and I’m a creative: a photographer, designer, writer, and letterer. I am co-owner, photographer and director at Layer One Creative, a photography and visual design business based in the Greater Toronto Area. My best friends and I have a blast working together with the goal of illustrating people’s stories through photographs, and helping small businesses market themselves with the right kinds of visuals. I am also the owner of Lux et Fortis, where I design and create beautiful reminders of love, joy and laughter.

I am a puppy-mama to the sweetest black Havanese puppy, Paddington. I love Jesus and what He’s done for me. I have never met a polka-dot I didn’t adore, and my closet is exploding with grey sweaters and black leggings. I own more mugs than one person could ever need (but I am not averse to owning more!). In the last 5 years, I have not missed a single Matt Nathanson show in Toronto. I love bubble tea and siu mai (though, strangely, I’ve never had the two things in the same meal), and I could eat burritos every day, if allowed.

It’s been lovely letting you get to know me! Hopefully I can get to know you too!

– Jae