I’m Jae. I’m also known by Victoria, or Vivi, but I prefer being called Jae. I call Toronto “home”. By day, I’m an administrative professional. By night, I pursue more creative endeavours: writing, drawing, music, photography, lettering, etc.

I am a mama to the sweetest black Havanese doggie, Paddington. I am happily married to my best friend, and looking forward to many more fun years with him. I love Jesus and I try to live my life to reflect His grace and glory. I adore memes and dad jokes. My closet is exploding with grey sweaters and black leggings…and tons of sneakers ;) I own more mugs than one person could ever need. I love bubble tea and siu mai (though, strangely, I’ve never had the two things in the same meal). I listen to a lot of K-pop. I can chat video games (especially Final Fantasy!) and books (Harry Potter!) all day, if you let me. I am also passionate about mental health advocacy, and about educating others on ADHD.

Some of my goals in life include: becoming fluent at ASL; owning multiple properties; getting better at FPS games; having enough closet space for my sneakersw; owning all of the Redwall series of books with the original paperback cover art; being able to eat a ton without gaining any fat.

Hope this was insightful :) Thank you for stopping by!